It’s not about me. It’s not about my musical tastes. I look outward and read the essence of the crowd, see their wants, their desires…maybe even understand what they want better than they do. That’s how I curate the vibe that they won’t soon forget.

Being a DJ is what I always wanted to do. I was that little kid at the age of nine “playing” DJ in my bedroom. On my twelfth birthday, I asked for a turntable. You might say, that set the wheels in motion for me.

Fast forward to today, I have risen through the ranks of small and large events, the biggest (and smallest) clubs and mastered my craft in a way that I can be proud of, with a reputation that allows me to DJ at Miami’s top clubs and private events for celebrities like Jennifer Lopez.

It’s a story that I hope you enjoy, but even more so, I hope it inspires you to follow your passion and work hard to fine-tune the gifts that you were born to share with this world.

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Musical Influence

I grew up in a musical household where soul music from the 50’s and 60’s could be heard permeating from my Stepfather’s record player. My uncle was a DJ and a huge inspiration for me as a young boy.

You might say the music is in my genes. I was fascinated by my Uncle’s DJ equipment and rushed to his house on the weekends to take the opportunity to watch him and explore my innate passion. I always knew this is what I was meant to do.

As I grew older I found inspiration in Jamaican Reggae DJ Tony Matterhorn and DJ Khaled among others. I studied their work and applied my learnings to my unique style to find better ways to engage with my audience.

Starting Somewhere

After years of practicing in my bedroom, an opportunity knocked when I was 15. I was asked to DJ at a friend’s Sweet 16 and the wheels were set in motion.

My early days as a DJ consisted of birthday parties, graduation parties and house parties for college kids.

Eventually, I landed in small clubs and lounges in Palm Beach, Florida getting experience that I needed to get better.

On one fateful night, a DJ had to cancel his gig at a South Beach night club and an acquaintance called me to fill in at the last minute.

The rest, some would say, is history. But it was more than just one opportunity that launched my career…

Doing The Work

It wasn’t a storybook journey that brought me here. It was this – hard work, unwavering dedication to my goals, lots of trial and error, some big mistakes, a lot of luck and many, many ups and downs.

The truth is I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t so 100% dedicated to making this happen. I wanted it and I worked relentlessly toward getting it.

I also learned how to market myself. I started a guerilla marketing effort to get my name out by distributing thousands of CDs at every party I could find. It was the beginning of my brand (and, people are still talking about my mix CDs).

I also learned how to market myself. I started a guerilla marketing effort to get my name out by distributing thousands of CDs at every party I could find. It was the beginning of my brand. (And, people are still talking about my mix CDs.)

My Why

I started as a young boy on a mission to make my dream of becoming a DJ come true. With the support of my family through my mom who never discouraged me from pursuing my dreams and the influences of my DJ Uncle and musically-inspired stepfather, the path forward was set in motion.

As grateful for it all as I am, I’ll admit it was tough at times. A less determined aspiring DJ might have given up after dealing with not getting paid, feeling undervalued and struggling to get gigs in the beginning.

I designed the I Can DJ Too Course to give those aspiring DJs the leg up I didn’t have…the benefit of my experience, the trick and tips that I picked up from trial and error (oh and there were lots of errors in those early days!)

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