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Becoming a successful DJ is more about your mindset, understanding of people, determination and a whole lot of relentlessness! I went through many years of struggles and mistakes before I became the top DJ in my market. I’ll say this, the growing pains are what make you who you are. Let me give you something I never received coming up. A fast track course to changing your life FOREVER!

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Hi. I’m DJ Don Hot.

I’m proud and humbled to say that I’m Miami’s Hottest DJ. This didn’t happen overnight.

It came about from a lot of hard work, a few mistakes along the way and a never-give-up attitude.

These things that took me years to learn are all neatly compiled in this course. Why? I want to pay it forward, help those coming up after me and give you the leg up that I never had.

I Can DJ Too is like a VIP pass to the front of the line. It’s the stuff I wish someone would have told me when I was first getting started.

You hate waiting in line, don’t you?

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You don’t have to make the mistakes I made.
You don’t have to figure it out on your own.
You have a better chance of making your DJ dreams come true with this course.

So, what are you waiting for?

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